Easy­Tool Con­trols 4.0

PC software for parameterization of HESCH valve and filter controls and differential pressure controllers of the new generation


Process data recording

Device parameterization

Device parameters Recording and data output




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Easy­Tool Con­trols 4.0


  • Update of the device soft­ware and dis­play of the device infor­ma­tion
  • Process data record­ing in CSV files
  • Save device para­me­ters to PC and load from PC (e.g. as fac­tory para­me­ter set)
  • Out­put device para­me­ters in PDF or print directly
  • View of the front panel with process data



Scan function

– Automatic recognition of the connected device
– or manual device selection possible

Representation of the front of the device

– Live representation of the display and the LED
– Operation of the device buttons, if available

– Display of further device-specific parameters/process data
– Commissioning/testing functions
– Read out/reset fault memory
– Read/Write Data from Compound Devices

– German
– English

extract information

– purchase order number
– device type
– hardware version
– software version
– parameter version
– device-specific data, such as measuring ranges, sensor types and much more.


– Read parameters from device
– Writing parameters to the device
– Save/load specific parameter sets
– Convert/print parameter sets to PDF

Record process data of the device

– temporary
– Save to file (CSV format)
– Loading and display of recorded process data
– Live display in diagram window
(Different diagrams for analog and digital values)

Firmware Update

– automatic update of the device firmware
– manual firmware selection (in progress)



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