Dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure trans­mit­ter – HE 5409

For monitoring the differential pressure of air or other non-flammable and non-aggressive gases.


Perfect for filter monitoring

Approval for EX Zone 2 and Zone 22

Ideal supplement for valve control HE 5731

Exact detection of differential pressures for gases

Quick commissioning due to easy mounting and easily accessible connection area




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Dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure trans­mit­ter – HE 5409

Dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure must be recor­ded and moni­to­red when small pres­sure dif­fe­ren­ces can have large effects.
Dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure trans­mit­ters thus take on important tasks in plant engi­nee­ring: they not only check the con­di­tion of fil­ter sys­tems, but also moni­tor the volume flows of ven­ti­la­tion and air-con­di­tio­ning sys­tems or mea­sure levels in liquid con­tai­ners.


The dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure trans­mit­ter HE 5409 reli­ably deli­vers exact mea­su­red values and is also cha­rac­te­ri­zed by quick com­mis­sio­ning due to 2-wire tech­no­logy.


For inte­gra­tion into your risk assess­ment, the HE 5409 sup­ports you with qua­li­fied values for MTBF and MTTFd.



Quick assem­bly

The housing is ope­ned and clo­sed without screws thanks to hinge tech­no­logy. This saves time during assem­bly. To open the device, sim­ply place a flat-blade screw­dri­ver at the desi­gna­ted point on the housing cover to pry open the locking mecha­nism. The housing cover remains on the device due to the hinge tech­no­logy and does not have to be com­ple­tely dis­mant­led, as it can be ope­ned up to an angle of 105°.


The mea­su­ring ran­ges avail­able as stan­dard can be found in the fol­lowing table. Spe­cial mea­su­ring ran­ges are avail­able on request.


Areas of application

– ventilating and air-conditioning systems
– heating technology
– filter monitor
– flow monitoring
– building services engineering
– firing technology
– extraction systems

Technical data

HE 5409
Mea­su­ring range (mbar)0–10; 0–25; 0–50; 0–100; 0–1000
Max. dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sureMea­su­ring range 0–10 mbar: 100 mbar
Mea­su­ring range 0–100 mbar: 750 mbar
Mea­su­ring range 0–1000 mbar: 4000 mbar
MediumAir and dry, not aggres­sive gases
Basic accu­racy± 1 % of final value
Tem­pe­ra­ture drift± 0.05 % / K of final value
Hys­te­re­sis± 0.05 % / of final value
Mea­su­ring sys­temSemi­con­duc­tor sen­sor
Auxi­li­ary powerUb = 10…36 V DC
Ana­lo­gue out­put4…20 mA, 2-con­duc­tor tech­no­logy
Max. load resis­tanceRA ≤ (Ub – 9 V) / 0,02 A
Pres­sure con­nec­tionPush-in bulk­head con­nec­tors for 6 mm hose outer dia­me­ter
HousingDust-pro­tec­ted housing
Dimen­sion113 × 80 × 60 (W × H × D)
Pro­tec­tion typeIP 65
Assem­blyWall moun­ting, assem­bly posi­tion ver­ti­cal
Con­nec­tionSpring force ter­mi­nal
Cable screw con­nec­tor1 × M 16 × 1,5 N für Kabel­durch­mes­ser von 4…8 mm
1 × M 20 × 1.5 N for cable dia­me­ters of 6…12 mm
Device identification/ explo­sion pro­tec­tion (soll "IP65" hier dazu­ge­schrie­ben wer­den?)e II3D Ex tc IIIC T135° Dc IP65
e II3G Ex nR IIC T4 Gc
Cli­ma­tic ambi­ent con­di­ti­ons
Sto­rage-20° … +70° C
Trans­port-40° … +85° C
Ope­ra­tion-20° … +55° C
Rela­tive humi­dity75 % rela­tive humi­dity, no con­den­sa­tion
Safety rela­ted ope­ra­ting figu­res
MTBF646 years
MTTFd1292 years
MTBFMax. 10 years
Cate­gory accord­ing to
EN-ISO 13849
Cal­cu­la­tion methods accord­ing to EN-ISO 13849Parts count
Ambi­ent tem­pe­ra­ture50°C

Errors and chan­ges excep­ted


Data sheet HE 5409 – Ger­man

Data sheet HE 5409 – Polish


Ope­ra­ting Inst­ruc­tions HE 5409 – Ger­man

Ope­ra­ting Inst­ruc­tions HE 5409 – Eng­lish

Ope­ra­ting Inst­ruc­tions HE 5409 – Polish


Dril­ling tem­plate for HE 5409

Item Numbers

Mea­su­ring ran­ges (mbar)Item num­bers
-10…10 #54090999


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