Mul­ti­ple trans­mit­ter HE 5413

Differential pressure transmitter with up to 3 measuring channels in one housing – Ideal for multi-stage filter systems


Flexible application with up to 3 pressure measuring ranges in one device

Simple, space-saving installation

Tool-free connection without opening the housing

IP65 housing - also for outdoor operation

Individual setting of parameters via EasyTool software




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Mul­ti­ple trans­mit­ter HE 5413

The HE 5413 mul­ti­ple mea­sur­ing trans­mit­ter with up to three mea­sur­ing chan­nels in one device is used in fil­ter and dedust­ing tech­nol­ogy as well as ven­ti­la­tion and build­ing ser­vices engi­neer­ing. There it mea­sures the pres­sure above fil­ter ele­ments or the extrac­tion pres­sure com­pared to the envi­ron­ment in order to deter­mine the degree of con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of the fil­ter or to con­trol the per­for­mance of the extrac­tion fan.

The com­pact device means that users do not need to use sev­eral indi­vid­ual trans­mit­ters, which reduces both instal­la­tion effort and costs. This results in a more effi­cient and cost-effec­tive solu­tion for the mea­sure­ment require­ments in var­i­ous appli­ca­tions.

The device is designed for wall mount­ing and can be oper­ated with a power sup­ply of 19-30 V DC or 100-240 V AC. Devices with 24 V DC can be com­mis­sioned quickly and com­pletely with­out tools thanks to the M12 con­nec­tor, as the device does not need to be opened. The mea­sur­ing hoses are con­nected via a prac­ti­cal plug-in con­nec­tion, which makes instal­la­tion even eas­ier.

For use in harsh indus­trial envi­ron­ments, such as com­bus­tion tech­nol­ogy, we also sup­ply the HE 5413 mul­ti­ple mea­sur­ing trans­mit­ter in a robust die-cast alu­minum hous­ing. This ensures increased resis­tance to adverse con­di­tions and thus offers a reli­able solu­tion for demand­ing envi­ron­ments.

The HE 5413 can also be used safely in ATEX Zone 22 haz­ardous areas.

Typ­i­cal appli­ca­tions & areas of use of the HE 5413 mul­ti­ple trans­mit­ter

  • Inde­pen­dent fil­ter mon­i­tor­ing
  • Pressure/suction con­trol
  • Over­pres­sure and under­pres­sure mea­sure­ment
  • Vol­ume flow measurement/control
  • Level mea­sure­ment (bub­ble method)
  • Pre­ci­sion air duct mea­sure­ment
  • Clean room over­pres­sure mon­i­tor­ing
  • Burner vac­uum mea­sure­ment
  • Process fur­nace sup­ply air mon­i­tor­ing
  • Fil­ter and dedust­ing tech­nol­ogy
  • Ven­ti­la­tion and build­ing tech­nol­ogy
  • Valve and flap con­trols
  • Clean room and lab­o­ra­tory tech­nol­ogy
  • Fir­ing tech­nol­ogy
  • Extrac­tion sys­tems
  • Build­ing automa­tion / tech­nol­ogy
  • Sup­ply air mon­i­tor­ing of any kind

Indi­vid­u­ally adjustable via PC soft­ware


The indi­vid­ual mea­sur­ing range is set/scaled using the Easy­Tool Con­trols 4.0 soft­ware.
This can also be used to save fac­tory para­me­ters so that they can be con­ve­niently loaded onto any num­ber of devices.

EasyTool Controls 4.0

The soft­ware func­tions at a glance:

  • Auto­matic detec­tion of the con­nected device (man­ual device selec­tion pos­si­ble)
  • Update of the device soft­ware and dis­play of the device infor­ma­tion
  • Process data record­ing in CSV files
  • Save device para­me­ters to PC and load from PC (e.g. as fac­tory para­me­ter set)
  • Out­put or print device para­me­ters in PDF

Do you have any ques­tions about the HE 5413 mul­ti­ple trans­mit­ter?

Our con­tact per­sonswill be happy to advise you with­out oblig­a­tion.

Technical data

HE 5413 dp-Mes­sum­former 3-Kanal
Ver­sorgungss­pan­nung24 V DC ± 10% | 100 ... 240 V AC / 50 Hz
Leis­tungsauf­nahmemax. 5 W
dp-Mes­se­ingänge2 ... 3
Stro­maus­gang4...20 mA; Analogsig­nal des gemesse­nen Dif­feren­z­drucks
Aus­gangs­be­las­tung: Bürde = 600 Ω
Span­nungsver­sorgung0...10 V
Aus­gangs­be­las­tung: Bürde = 1kΩ
Ser­vice-SchnittstelleRJ-10 Buchse (TTL-Adapter erforder­lich)
Gas­berührende Teile: Polyurethan
Ein­baulageWand­mon­tage, beliebig; vorzugsweise waagerecht mit Anschlüssen unten
Abmes­sung191 x 80 x 60 mm (B × H × T)
Gewichtca. 450 g
Explo­sion­ss­chutzII3D Ex tc IIIC T135° Dc
Lager- und Trans­port­tem­per­atur-40° … +70° C
Umge­bung­stem­per­atur Betrieb-20° … +50° C
Anschluss Druck je Mes­sein­gang2 x Steck­an­schluss für Schlauch mit Ø 6mm (außen)
Anschluss elek­trisch• Push-In Fed­erkraftk­lem­men für starre und flex­i­ble Leiter
• oder optional M12 Stecker, 5-polig (nur bei 24 V DC Geräten)
Kabelver­schraubungM20 für Norm­sig­nale; M12 für Ver­sorgung
EMVDIN-EN 61000-6-2, DIN-EN 61000-6-3
Mess­bere­iche (mbar)± 2,5; ± 5; ± 10; ± 25; ± 50; ± 100; ± 350; ± 1000
Werk­se­in­stel­lung uni­di­rek­tional (gegen Auf­preis vor­para­me­tri­ert liefer­bar)
Max. Über­last­druck*
Mess­bere­iche± 2,5 … ± 10 mbar (0,35 bar);
± 25 mbar (0,5 bar);
± 50 … ± 100 mbar (1 bar);
± 350 … ± 1000 mbar (5 bar)
MediumLuft, sowie trock­ene, nicht aggres­sive Gase
Mess­bere­ich & Grund­ge­nauigkeit± 2,5 ... ± 10 (± 2 % FSO**);
± 25 ... ± 100 (± 1,5 % FSO**);
± 350 ... ± 1000 (± 1,0 % FSO**)
*Der max­i­male Druck, der an einem Druck­an­schluss rel­a­tiv zum anderen Anschluss oder während nur ein Druck­an­schluss angeschlossen ist aus­geübt wer­den kann, ohne dass es zu Undichtigkeiten/Schäden im Sen­sor kommt. **FSO = full-scale out­put

Errors and omis­sions excepted


Data sheet HE 5413: Ger­man | Eng­lish

Oper­at­ing instruc­tions – Ger­man
Oper­at­ing instruc­tions – Eng­lish

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