Ana­log input module – HE 5832

The analog input module HE 5832 acquires up to two analog standard signals (current or voltage) from the process level and transmits them to the higher-level bus system.


2 analog inputs (current / voltage selectable)

Galvanic isolation of the inputs

with LED for status indication




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Com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the bus cou­p­ler takes place via an asyn­chro­nous serial RS485 con­nec­tion. Both chan­nels are gal­va­ni­cally iso­la­ted from each other. An addi­tio­nal poten­tial sepa­ra­tion is not necessary.


The module has safe iso­la­tion for ope­ra­ting vol­ta­ges up to 300 V in accordance with EN 61010-1. In the event of ser­vice, the module can be repla­ced quickly and easily during ope­ra­tion (Hot­S­wap). The signal state of the inputs is indi­ca­ted via sta­tus LEDs. In the event of an error, the modu­les ope­rate with pre­viously defi­ned error values to ensure safe pro­cess con­trol (fail safe).




Data sheet HE 5832 – Ger­man

Ope­ra­ting Inst­ruc­tions HE 5832 – Ger­man


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