Digi­tal input module – HE 5822

The digital input module acquires up to 4 binary signals from the process level and transmits them to the higher-level bus system.


4 x D-IN 115/230 V AC

with LED for status indication




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Com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the fieldbus cou­pler takes place via an asyn­chro­nous serial RS485 con­nec­tion.


The modu­les accept 115 V AC (US) and 230 V AC (Europe) input vol­tage. The signal state of the digi­tal inputs is indi­ca­ted via sta­tus LEDs.

The areas of sup­ply vol­tage, fieldbus and logic are gal­va­ni­cally iso­la­ted from each other.



Technical data

HE 5822
Modul­typHIMOD Digi­tal-Ein­gangs­mo­dul 4 x 115/230 V AC
Span­nungs­ver­sor­gungüber inter­nen T-Bus: 24 V DC / 7,5 V DC
Strom­auf­nahmemax. 35 mA bei 24 V / max. 50 mA bei 7,5 V
Poten­ti­al­tren­nung2300 Veff [(Ver­sor­gung, Logik) / je Kanal]
  Span­nung115 V AC / 230 V AC
  Ein­gangs­im­pe­danztyp. 240 kΩ
  Schutz­me­cha­nis­menÜber­span­nungs­schutz durch Varis­to­ren
  Ein­gang 115 V ACLogik „0“ ≤ 70 V
Logik „1“ ≥ 80 V
  Ein­gang 230 V ACLogik „0“ ≤ 140 V
Logik „1“ ≥ 160 V
  4x gelbe LEDSta­tus der Ein­gänge
  1x 2-far­ben LEDModul­sta­tus
Anschluss­tech­nikSchraub-/ Steck­klem­men, Lei­tungs­quer­schnitt 0,2…2,5 mm²
Feder­kraft-/ Steck­klem­men, Lei­tungs­quer­schnitt 0,2…2,5 mm²
Gewicht150 g

Errors and omis­si­ons excepted


Data sheet HE 5822 – Ger­man

Data sheet HE 5822 – Eng­lish


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