Prin­ted cir­cuit board assem­bly
in the Hano­ver & Ham­burg bran­ches

Pro­duc­tion of SMD (Sur­face Moun­ted Device) assem­bled boards
Through Hole Tech­no­logy – THT assem­bly of prin­ted cir­cuit boards accor­ding to cus­to­mer requi­re­ments

Our high tech­no­lo­gi­cal stan­dard in PCB assem­bly via our SMD line or THT assem­bly gua­ran­tees you a high-qua­lity end pro­duct. We are happy to meet your indi­vi­dual requi­re­ments and align our pro­duc­tion accor­din­gly.

Through our ERP logi­stics sys­tem with inter­na­tio­nal com­po­nent pro­cu­re­ment as well as qua­lity manage­ment accor­ding to ISO 9001:2015, we are able to offer you relia­ble and on-time pro­duc­tion of prin­ted cir­cuit boards as small or large series pro­duc­tion.

Our scope of ser­vices:

Pro­duc­tion from pro­to­ty­pes to series

Air-con­di­tio­ned SMD assem­bly from 0201 ( µBGA , QFP , PLCC )

THT assem­bly (manual pla­ce­ment of wired com­pon­ents, elec­tro­nic assem­blies)

Pro­tec­tive atmo­sphere wave sold­e­ring Lea­ded & Lead-free

AOI exam

Vapor phase sold­e­ring Lead-free

Vapor phase sold­e­ring Lea­ded

X-ray exter­nal

Printed circuit board assembly in Wentorf near Hamburg
PCB assembly at Hesch Industrie-Elektronik with SMD assembly machines
SMD assembly machine in the branch near Hamburg of HESCH Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

We are your pro­fes­sio­nal sup­plier for device manu­fac­tu­ring & PCB assem­bly
in the metro­po­li­tan area of Hano­ver & Ham­burg!

High-per­for­mance capa­ci­ties at two loca­ti­ons in Ger­many

Thanks to the modern auto­ma­tic pla­ce­ment machine from the mar­ket lea­der Fuji and ano­ther SMD line in the Wen­torf branch near Ham­burg, we offer you a fast and cost-effec­tive option for PCB assem­bly by means of SMD assem­bly and THT assem­bly. Ther­eby we have a total sto­rage and pro­duc­tion area of about 3700 sqm.


SMT assem­bly is a fast and less com­plex method of moun­ting assem­blies on the prin­ted cir­cuit board. In addi­tion, sur­face mount tech­no­logy enables elec­tro­nic devices to be made smal­ler, as the com­pon­ents take up less space on the prin­ted cir­cuit board.


THT assem­bly

PCB assembly via Through-Hole Technology (THT)

In THT assem­bly, also known as through-hole tech­no­logy, elec­tro­nic com­pon­ents are manu­ally applied to prin­ted cir­cuit boards and then sold­e­red semi- or fully auto­ma­ti­cally after assem­bly.


The pro­cess is par­ti­cu­larly sui­ta­ble for large com­pon­ents and spe­cial designs as well as sui­ta­ble for com­pon­ents that are expo­sed to hig­her elec­tri­cal and ther­mal loads. It often offers grea­ter mecha­ni­cal sta­bi­lity, too.


Our employees are highly trai­ned and work accor­ding to the hig­hest qua­lity stan­dards in order to pro­vide you with the best results in PCB assem­bly at all times. We look for­ward to work for you and app­ly­ing our know-how and expe­ri­ence to your pro­jects.


Active assem­blies


Prin­ted cir­cuit boards manu­fac­tu­red in 2022


Com­pon­ents assem­bled in 2022

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