Engi­nee­ring & Elec­tro­nics Ser­vices

As an expe­ri­en­ced engi­nee­ring ser­vice pro­vi­der, we have been deve­lo­ping and pro­du­cing MSR tech­no­logy made in Ger­many since 1976.

+ expe­ri­ence

With our many years of expe­ri­ence as an elec­tro­nics ser­vice pro­vi­der, we offer our cus­to­mers tailor-made solu­ti­ons, both in design and pro­duc­tion, with an excel­lent price/performance ratio.

+ Com­pe­tence

We at AXXERON HESCH elec­tro­nics face up to every task and find the per­fect solu­tion for you. Because stand-alone devices or cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic pro­duct solu­ti­ons are our par­ti­cu­lar spe­cia­lity.

+ ser­vice

At AXXERON HESCH elec­tro­nics, you get ever­y­thing from a sin­gle source and from a sin­gle source – from the right sys­tem solu­tion to spe­cial cus­to­miza­tion and the asso­cia­ted ser­vice.
Elektronikentwicklung durch HESCH
Cus­to­mi­zed Elec­tro­nics deve­lo­p­ment– We deve­lop cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic hard­ware and soft­ware solu­ti­ons made in Ger­many.
Electronics production from prototypes to series production
HESCH is a spe­cia­list in elec­tro­nics manu­fac­tu­ring – we pro­duce ever­y­thing from pro­to­ty­pes to series pro­duc­tion.
Sustainable resource efficiency

Sus­tainable resource effi­ci­ency
is important to us – This is our offer for indus­try and com­pa­nies.
Electronics service provider with control cabinet construction in series
We pro­duce switch boxes and switch cabi­nets for you – from pro­ject-spe­ci­fic indi­vi­dual pie­ces to series pro­duc­tion.
Electronics service provider with own EMC laboratory
We offer deve­lo­p­ment-accom­pany­ing EMC tests in our in-house labo­ra­tory on the basis of the basic tech­ni­cal stan­dards EN 61000-6