Automa­tion com­po­nents & prod­ucts

With our automa­tion com­po­nents, we offer you full plan­ning free­dom and flex­i­bil­ity to con­trol your sys­tems safely, reli­ably and effec­tively.

Open stan­dards

Sim­pli­fies build­ing appli­ca­tions

Sim­pli­fies the pro­duc­tion processes

Our prod­ucts can be ide­ally inte­grated into com­mer­cially avail­able field­bus sys­tems. In addi­tion, they offer enor­mous sav­ings poten­tial in terms of sys­tem and instal­la­tion costs.

Reduces sys­tem and instal­la­tion costs

User friendly soft­ware

Top ser­vice and sup­port

Advan­tages of the automa­tion prod­ucts from HESCH

Con­trol com­plex processes, even with­out PLC!

Intu­itive and fast to the goal!

Reduce costs & pre­serve know-how!

Sales employee at HESCH

Noth­ing suit­able found?

No prob­lem, also for your
Spe­cial requests we develop the appro­pri­ate solu­tion!


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