Profibus-DP Field­bus Cou­pler – HE 5812

The Fieldbus Coupler HE 5812 connects the modular Process I/O HIMOD System with a Profibus-DP network.


Central coupling module for PROFIBUS-DP connection

PROFIBUS-DP - Slave according to IEC 61158, protocol DPV1

Front interface for PC 'SmartPort

up to 62 modules per coupler with additional power modules




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The con­nec­tion to the Profibus-DP is estab­lished via a 9-pin D-SUB socket.

Up to 62 I/O mod­ules can be con­nected per bus cou­pler. The mod­ules are con­nected via an inter­nal bus sys­tem. Up to 16 mod­ules can be oper­ated directly at the bus cou­pler, fur­ther­more the sys­tem can be extended by an addi­tional power mod­ule – HE 5850.


In the bus cou­pler, the areas of sup­ply volt­age, field­bus and logic are gal­van­i­cally iso­lated from each other. The sys­tem con­fig­u­ra­tion con­sist­ing of bus cou­pler and I/O mod­ules can be quickly deter­mined via the but­ton inte­grated in the front of the hous­ing. Con­fig­u­ra­tion and para­me­ter­i­za­tion of the indi­vid­ual mod­ules can be done via the field­bus as well as via the Smart­Port inter­face.

Technical data

HE 5812
Mod­ule typeHIMOD field bus cou­pler Profibus-DP
Power sup­ply24 V DC (-20 % / +25 %), pro­tected against reverse polar­ity and over­volt­age
Cur­rent / power con­sump­tionMax. 170 mA / 4 W own require­ments
Power sup­ply for
I/O mod­ules
24 V DC (max. 4 A) and 7.5 V DC (max. 2 A), short-cir­cuit-proof
Num­ber of I/O mod­ules that can be cou­pled1...16 or 1…62 with addi­tional power mod­ules
Elec­tri­cal iso­la­tion1000 Veff [inter­nal (sup­ply / fi eld bus / log­ics) / exter­nal]
Con­nec­tions / inter­faces
  Profi bus-DP1 x D-SUB socket, 9-pin
  Ser­vice / Smart­Port1 x RJ10, front
  HPR-bus1 x T-bus con­nec­tor
  Sup­ply 24 V DC1 x screw ter­mi­nal block
  Profi bus-DP slave accord­ing to IEC 61158, DPV1 pro­to­col
  Baud rate 9.6…12000 kbaud, auto­matic set­ting
  Address range: 1…99, can be set via BCD switch
  Address range: 1…126, can be set with soft­ware, if BCD switch = 0
Con­trol ele­ments
  Addresses2 x BCD rotary coded switch
  Node con­fig­u­ra­tion1 x but­ton "Con­fig", at the front
  5 Sta­tus-LED1 x device sta­tus, 4 x bus sta­tus
Wiring tech­niqueScrew / plug ter­mi­nals, con­duc­tor cross-sec­tion 0.2…2.5 mm²
Weight150 g

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Data sheet HE 5812 – Ger­man

Data sheet HE 5812 – Eng­lish

Oper­at­ing Instruc­tions HE 5812 – Ger­man

Oper­at­ing Instruc­tions HE 5812 – Eng­lish

HE__093A (GSD)

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