TC input module – HE 5841

The TC input module HE 5841 acquires up to two analogue measured values from thermocouples and transmits them to the higher-level bus system.


Indication of the signal status via LED




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Com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the bus cou­pler takes place via an asyn­chro­nous serial RS-485 con­nec­tion.
A cold junc­tion com­pen­sa­tion can be added with a con­stant value or with a mea­su­red cold junc­tion.


The signal state of the inputs is indi­ca­ted via sta­tus LEDs. The areas sup­ply vol­tage, fieldbus, logic and inputs are gal­va­ni­cally iso­la­ted from each other. In the event of an error, the modu­les ope­rate with pre­viously defi­ned error values to ensure safe pro­cess con­trol (fail safe).

Technical data

HE 5841
Modul­typHIMOD TC-Ein­gangs­mo­dul 2 x TC
Span­nungs­ver­sor­gungüber inter­nen T-Bus: 24 V DC / 7,5 V DC
Strom­auf­nahmemax. 65 mA bei 24 V / max. 60 mA bei 7,5 V
Poten­ti­al­tren­nung2300 Veff [(Ver­sor­gung, Logik) / Kanäle]
  Sen­sor­typTyp L, J, K, N, S, R, T, E, B, W, 80 mV
  Tem­pe­ra­tur­be­reichjeweils im defi­nier­ten Bereich des Sen­sors
Aufl ösung 0,1 K / 80 mV-Typ: 3 μV
Genau­ig­keit≤ 2 K / 80 mV-Typ: ≤ 0,1 %
Tem­pe­ra­tur­drift≤ 0,08 % / 10 K
Wand­ler­auf­lö­sung /
16 bit / 160 ms
Kalt­stel­len­kom­pen­sa­tionzuschalt­bar als Kon­stant­wert oder gemes­se­ner Wert
  2 x gelbe LEDsSta­tus der Ein­gänge
  2 x rote LEDsSen­sor­stö­rung
  1 x 2-far­bige LEDModul­sta­tus
Anschluss­tech­nikSchraub-/ Steck­klem­men, Lei­tungs­quer­schnitt 0,2…2,5 mm²
Feder­kraft-/ Steck­klem­men, Lei­tungs­quer­schnitt 0,2…2,5 mm²
Gewicht150 g

Errors and omis­si­ons excepted


Data sheet HE 5841 – Ger­man

Data sheet HE 5841 – Eng­lish

Ope­ra­ting Ins­truc­tions HE 5841 – Ger­man


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