Mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler – HE 5697 MFC

The alternative to PLC


Create complex flow control yourself

PC-Tool with over 100 ready-made function blocks

Simulation function for smooth commissioning

Fast processor

multiple communication interfaces




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Mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler – one for all!

Pro­gramma­ble logic con­trol­lers are, in a sense, the brains of the modern fac­tory. But not all tasks require a full-fled­ged PLC. With the mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler, HESCH has the­r­e­fore deve­lo­ped a modern con­trol­ler plat­form for indus­trial pro­ces­ses that clo­ses the gap bet­ween a stan­dard con­trol­ler and the PLC.


Your pro­cess engi­neers think in func­tion blocks – so does the HESCH mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler! With the HESCH mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler, your pro­cess engi­neer can map com­plex pro­cess sequen­ces intui­tively, quickly and com­ple­tely wit­hout pro­gramming know­ledge.


Reduce costs – pre­serve know-how!

Up to now, the usual way of fin­ding an indi­vi­dual solu­tion for tem­pe­ra­ture regu­la­tion and sequence con­trol has usually been via pro­gramma­ble logic con­trol­lers, also known as PLCs.


An exter­nal PLC pro­grammer must be con­sul­ted for each adapt­a­tion. This often results in high costs, as the average daily rates are around 800 to 1000 euros. In addi­tion, trai­ned PLC pro­gramm­ers usually do not have the neces­sary pro­cess know­ledge. The­r­e­fore, your pro­cess engi­neer has to explain the pro­cess in detail and thus reve­als your know-how to out­si­ders. Sub­se­quently, an ela­bo­rate eva­lua­tion is neces­sary. Again and again, this leads to a loss of com­mu­ni­ca­tion bet­ween tech­ni­ci­ans and pro­gramm­ers. Even after com­mis­sio­ning, a PLC pro­grammer must be con­sul­ted for each adjus­t­ment.


Pro­mote your inter­nal know-how ins­tead of trans­fer­ring it to the out­side via PLC pro­gramm­ers. With the HE 5697 MFC, every pro­cess engi­neer is able to create, opti­mize and moni­tor com­plex pro­cess con­trols in a very short time.


The mul­ti­func­tion con­trol­ler offers the solu­tion!

The multi-func­tion con­trol­ler from HESCH breaks through these cost dri­vers and enables your pro­cess engi­neers to imple­ment your desi­red pro­ces­ses wit­hout any pro­gramming know­ledge. These can thus be adapted, opti­mi­sed and fur­ther deve­lo­ped at any time in a cost-neu­tral man­ner.





Technical data

HE 5697 MFC
Ver­sor­gungs­span­nung 24 VDC / 100…240 VAC
Strom­auf­nahme Max. 350 mA (24 V DC)
CPUCor­tex A8, 600 MHz
USB-Schnitt­stel­lenRück­seite: 1 × USB 2.0 Host (Typ A)
Front­seite: 1 × Mini-USB 2.0 Device (Typ B), gal­va­nisch getrennt
Steck­plätze1 × für Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­karte
2 × für E/A-Kar­ten
Relais4 poten­zi­al­freie Relais­aus­gänge mit Wechs­ler­kon­tak­ten (230 V AC / 5A; 24 V DC / 5A)
Spei­cherinter­ner Mas­sen­spei­cher 4 GByte Micro SD-Karte
DDR2 64 MByte
Flash 128 MByte
MRAM 128 kByte
ja, netz­aus­fall­ge­puf­fert
Anzeige / Bedie­nungTFT mit Hin­ter­grund­be­leuch­tung, 320×240 Pixel QVGA, resis­ti­ver Touch-Screen; 3,5“;
4 freib­e­leg­bare Tas­ten; 2 pro­gram­mier­bare LEDs für Zustands­an­zei­gen
Abmes­sun­gen 98 × 98 × 115 mm (ohne Ste­cker) / 98 × 98 × 130 mm (mit Ste­cker) (B×H×T)
Schutz­artIP65 front­sei­tig, IP20 rest­li­ches Gehäuse

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