Fil­ter con­trol – HE 5760

Filter control system for industrial chamber filter installations


easy setup by parameters: no programming


Control pre-parameterised ex works and immediately ready for use


Pre-assembled control boxes available


Parameterization either with PC software or via local operation

Controls up to 576 valves




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HE 5760 Fil­ter con­trol

The HE 5760 is a mas­ter-slave con­trol for the clea­ning pro­cess of cham­ber-ori­en­ted dust remo­val sys­tems.
The expan­sion to a com­plete clea­ning con­trol is done with the valve con­trol HE 5725 (slave), which con­trols 12 val­ves at a time.
Up to 48 valve con­trol­lers can be cen­trally con­trol­led by the HE 5760 as exten­si­ons (CAN slaves). This means that deman­ding fil­ter con­trol tasks can be imple­men­ted with the tech­no­logy of large multi-cham­ber fil­ters and, thanks to the sca­la­bi­lity, small sys­tems can also be equip­ped with a favoura­ble price/performance ratio. Later exten­si­ons and adap­t­ati­ons to the local con­di­ti­ons can be car­ried out without any pro­blems.


Sys­tem struc­ture HE 5760

The HE 5760 fil­ter con­trol is loca­ted in a front panel housing with mem­brane key­pad and gra­phic dis­play and is desi­gned for instal­la­tion in con­trol cabi­nets. Ope­ra­tion takes place locally at the con­trol cabi­net, which can be equip­ped with addi­tio­nal switch­gear and signal lamps. The mas­ter con­trol is set to the exis­ting num­ber of cham­bers and val­ves using the con­fi­gu­ra­tion menu. Alter­na­tively, this can also be done with the PC soft­ware “Smart­Tool” via the USB inter­face.


Simple and con­ve­ni­ent com­mis­sio­ning thanks to con­trol cabi­net design

Ready-to-assem­ble and ready-to-plug-in con­trol cabi­nets signi­fi­cantly reduce com­mis­sio­ning time and eli­mi­nate wiring and con­fi­gu­ra­tion errors.
We will be plea­sed to sup­ply you with the con­trol sys­tem as a tes­ted com­plete sys­tem on request. Unpack, assem­ble, con­nect – done.
If necessary, com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the con­trol sys­tem is via a CAN par­al­lel inter­face.


Learn more about con­trol cabi­net con­struc­tion



– CAN master control for filter systems up to 576 valves
– Support of up to 48 slave controllers HE 5725
– Function selection instead of programming
– Configuration with PC software 'SmartTool'
– Parameterization and system status secured against power failure
– Graphic display 128 x 64 pixels for text and symbols
– Multilingual user interface, switchable
– 'HotKeys': Actual values, alarms, measured values, info
– Local operating elements can be connected directly to the controller
– Program updates via USB interface
– Message to higher-level control with separate parallel interface
– Galvanic isolation between CAN interface and local inputs and outputs

Technical data

HE 5760 Fil­ter­steue­rung
Ver­sor­gung- 24 V DC (22…26 V DC)
- gal­va­nisch getrennt
- 0,3 A typisch
- 5 A maxi­mal
Anzeige- Gra­fik-LC-Dis­play
- Auf­lö­sung: 128 × 64 Pixel
- Anzei­ge­flä­che: 66 × 33 mm
- Farbe: gelb­grün
LEDs3 Stück
- Betrieb: grün
- Rei­ni­gung aktiv: gelb
- Alarme: rot
Bedien­ele­mente12 Tas­ten
- Befehl- und Steu­er­tas­ten: ESC, F1, F2, ENTER
- Navi­ga­tion und Wert­ein­gabe: LINKS, RECHTS, AUF, AB
- Hot­keys: 4 Funk­ti­ons­tas­ten für die Anla­gen­be­die­nung
Pro­zes­sor- Fuji­tsu MB96F348
- 544 kB Flash / 280 kB RAM
- 1 MB Flash für Para­me­ter und Daten
- Echt­zeit­uhr optio­nal
Schnitt­stel­len- CAN Schnitt­stelle, gal­va­nisch getrennt, 50 kBit/s
- Leit­tech­nik­schnitt­stelle: Mod­bus RTU, Pro­fi­bus
Digi­tal­ein­gänge5 Stück
24 V DC, gal­va­nisch getrennt, für lokale Bedie­nung: Bedie­nung am Schalt­schrank mit Tas­tern und Mel­de­leuch­ten
Ana­log­ein­gänge2 Stück
4…20 mA für Sys­tem­druck und Dif­fe­renz­druck, Genau­ig­keit: 0,1 %
Digi­tal­aus­gänge4 Stück
24 V DC, 1A, kurz­schluss­fest, für lokale Bedie­nung
Abmes­sun­gen196 × 126 × 40 mm (B × H × T)
Aus­schnitt166 × 96 mm (B × H)
Elek­tri­sche AnschlüsseUSB-Schnitt­stel­len­ste­cker Typ B;
Schraub-Steck­klem­men für Ver­sor­gung, CAN, lokale Bedie­nung und Mes­sung
Schutz­artFront: IP 65
Rück­seite: IP 20
EMVStör­fes­tig­keit: DIN EN 61000-6-2 und DIN EN 61326-1
Stör­aus­sen­dung: DIN EN 61000-6-3 und DIN EN 61326-1
Kli­ma­ti­sche Umge­bungs­be­din­gun­gen
Betrieb-10…+55 °C
Lage­rung-25…+60 °C
Trans­port-25…+85 °C
Umge­bungs­feuch­tig­keitMax. 75 % rel. Feuchte, keine Betau­ung zuläs­sig

Errors and omis­si­ons excep­ted


Ope­ra­ting Inst­ruc­tions HE 5760 – Ger­man

Data sheet HE 5760 – Ger­man


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