Pilot valve box – HE 5700

Consistently user-friendly assembly, operation and service

Pilot valve box for connection to a HESCH valve control system

with 1 to 10 pilot valves (pilot valves)

Simple assembly and quick commissioning

Function display (LEDs) for all valves




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Pilot valve box for dedust­ing sys­tems with pneu­matic valves

The HE 5700 pilot valve box is avail­able with 1 to 10 pilot valves (pilot valves). Accord­ingly, it has up to 10 LEDs in the front of the hous­ing, with which the valve con­trol is sig­naled. Thus, the proper func­tion is eas­ily rec­og­niz­able for the user.


The hous­ing is par­tic­u­larly easy to ser­vice and install. Thanks to the hinged lid, only a slot­ted screw­driver is needed to open the device. This saves time com­pared to stan­dard hous­ings which are closed with 4 screws.
Option­ally, the addi­tional lock with 4 screws is also pos­si­ble to pro­tect the device from unau­tho­rized access.


For use in harsh indus­trial envi­ron­ments, such as min­eral, raw mate­r­ial and heavy indus­try, the device is avail­able as a ver­sion in alu­minium hous­ing. For sim­ple appli­ca­tions we rec­om­mend the cheaper plas­tic hous­ing.


Technical data

Pilotven­til­box HE 5700
Betrieb­ss­pan­nung 24 V DC ± 10%
Anzeige1…10 LEDs zur Anzeige des anges­teuerten Ven­tils
Ven­ti­lan­schlüsseBis 1,5 mm²
Max. 0,75 mm² mit Aderend­hülse
Push-in Fed­erkraftk­lem­men für starre und flex­i­ble Leiter
Ven­tileVen­tilspan­nung: 24 V DC
Ein­schalt­dauer 10%
Spiel­d­auer 10 s
Leis­tungsauf­nahme 25 W
Betrieb­s­druck 1,5 …7 bar
Nen­nweite 3,2 mm
Kabelzuführung1 x Kabelk­lem­mver­schraubung M20 (von rechts)
Pneu­ma­tis­che Anschlüsse (Mag­netven­tile)Steck­an­schlüsse für Ø6 mm-Pneu­matikschlauch
EMVDIN-EN 61000-6-2 (Stör­fes­tigkeit im Indus­triebere­ich)
DIN-EN 61000-6-4 (Störaussendung im Indus­triebere­ich)
Gehäuse151 mm × 125 mm × 90 mm (B × H × T) (1…4 Ven­tile)
231 mm × 125 mm × 90 mm (B × H × T) (5…10 Ven­tile)

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Quick guide pilot valve box HE 5700 – Ger­man

Quick Start Guide Pilot Valve Box HE 5700 – Eng­lish


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